Kera-Tech company was established in 2014, however its team successfully works together for over 5 years on implementation of various projects. The main idea on which the company’s business is built is to supply its clients with a complete set of services aimed at modernization of the client’s enterprise into waste-free production company with a rational use of resources.

The highlight of the company biotechnological methods.

Services provided by our company are limitless, we do not want to do the impossible and embrace everything – we do what we do well (biotechnological solutions, engineering works, design support).

If the client requires something beyond the scope of our capabilities, we are always ready to take on the selection of sub-contractors for the work that we will be responsible for as for our own.


Working with the company “Kera-Tech”, clients receive a reliable partner who provides comprehensive services in the field of biotechnology, rational processing of waste, innovation, scientific support and technological solutions for industrial production, a good fodder for farm animals.

The main activity of the company

  • Scientific and technical and innovative developments
  • Technology for processing organic waste from industrial production into protein feed additives
  • Technology of production of organic fertilizers from animal waste
  • Production of high quality biological products for processing technologies.

With the introduction of our technology, you can:

  • To compensate for the lack of balanced feed for farm animals
  • Cost-effective use of organic waste (reduce costs and start making a profit)
  • Save on the purchase of protein concentrates for feed
  • Increase the weight gain of farm animals
  • Reduce heat and energy costs for waste recycling
  • Dispose of waste without harm to the environment.

The main misson of the company

  • The introduction of biotechnological methods of recycling
  • Introduction of organic waste recycling technology into industrial production
  • Expansion of product range (development of new technologies for recycling waste and biological products)
  • Creating an effective, environmentally friendly production based on biotechnological methods.