1. Protein-rich feed additive «Kera-Tech»

Высокобелковая кормовая добавка

Feed supplement with high protein content, containing easily digestible amino acids of natural origin. (No chemical additives)

  1. Balanced protein supplement without loss of nutrients
  2. The additive is perfectly digested by birds
  3. Reducing the cost of feed using protein supplements using the technology of “Kera-Tech”
  4. The cost of poultry meat is reduced by 5.6%
  5. The digestibility of the components of the additive is 2 times higher and is 95-98%, what allows to save on providing an animal with high-quality protein.
Technical indicators №1 Protein supplement «Kera-Tech»
Digestible protein, % 49-55
Animal fat, % 25-45
Digestibility, % 95-98
Release form Placer
Storage time, months 6-12
Technical indicators №2 High protein supplement «Kera-Tech»
Digestible protein, % 89-92
Animal fat, % 3-5,5
Digestibility, % 92-97
Release form Placer
Storage time, months 6-12

2. Biopreparation «Kera-Tech»


Biopreparation «Kera-Tech»  for recycling of poultry slaughter waste into feed supplement with high protein content. RF Specification TU 9291-001-22928783-2015. Serial release.

  1. Obtained from natural microorganisms (not genetically modified)
  2. High activity at low temperatures (37 °С)
  3. High stability
  4. Storage stability
  5. Ease of use in the processing line.

Certificate of conformity № РОСС RU.АГ13.Н03870  Products of the microbiological industry: Biopreparation «Kera-Tech» for recycle keratin-containing waste into feed protein.

3. Technology for recycling keratin-containing waste

4 Stage TechnologySustainable, easy-to-use technology reduces waste disposal costs after slaughter.
How the technology works: the pen is washed, crushed, then the biological product id added and the mixture is maintained at optimum conditions and then dried. This way we obtain protein concentrate in digestible form. The resulting substrate is then dried and that is how we produce the protein supplement. In the course of such processing there is no loss of essential amino acids, as well as no formation of toxic combustion products as in the temperature processing technologies. Biopreparation helps to convert pen into the readily available raw materials for poultry digestive tract, resulting in increased digestibility of the product. The increase in poultry weight is 7-15%.

  • Simple and cost-effective technology that does not require large heat and energy costs
  • Environmentally friendly technology with the use of a biological product
  • Available conditions and ease of use
  • High stability during storage of the finished product
  • The use of innovative recycling technology with the use of a biological preparation allows you to get high quality protein supplement.

4. Biopreparation Decon-PIT

Биопрепарат для переработки отходов жизнедеятельности животных в органические удобрения

Biological product for recycling animal waste into organic fertilizer. RF Specification TU 9291-004-22928783-16. Serial release.

  1. Remove unpleasant smell
  2. Minimizing fines for environmental offenses
  3. Availability of an additional source of profit from the sale of fertilizers
  4. Improving the environmental quality of products
  5. Reduced organic waste recycle time.
    Today charge for emissions, discharges of hazardous substances into the atmosphere or into water bodies, as well as fines for non-compliance with the maximum permissible norms of environmental impact for enterprises of agrarian and industrial complex are high enough. Exceeding the norms of maximum permissible concentrations actually creates a danger to human health and life, and legally means committing an environmental offense.

Therefore, serious problems are:
– fines
– population morbidity
– reduced product quality
– the cost of purchasing fertilizer and poultry feed.

«Decon-PIT» – This is a rational and efficient recycling of organic waste using biotechnological methods. Environmentally friendly biological product, inhibition of pathogenic microflora, the possibility of land reclamation, reduction of processing time and disinfection, quick and long-lasting effect, reduction of financial costs and all this “Decon-PIT”. Our products will reduce pollution payments, as it provides fast and efficient processing, as well as enable disinfection of waste.

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