1. Research work.
2. Development and sale of biotechnology products for production.
3. Development of industrial technologies to the needs of the client.
4. Development and maintenance of engineering and design work.
5. Turnkey technologies.

Engineering for poultry farms
We provide services for the modernization of poultry farms to create a waste-free production cycle with the rational use of secondary raw materials.
Consumers of technology
Poultry farms; meat industry enterprises engaged in the processing of livestock products (industrial consumption). The technology for the production of the feed additive can be introduced to the meat and poultry processing industry enterprises. One more option is the creation of a separate procedure for processing of keratin-containing secondary raw materials.
Potential users of the feed additive
– Meat processing plants
– Farms
– Manufacturers of compound feed and feed additives
– Livestock producers
– Poultry farms
– Fish industry.

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